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Brown Fused Alumina

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Brown Fused Alumina

Tangting Ceramic is an aluminum oxide manufacturer specializing in brown fused alumina (Al2O3), otherwise known as brown aluminum oxide, through an electric arc furnace process. Our brown fused alumina is made into many shapes and grit sizes ranging from macrogrits to microgrits and powders. Brown fused alumina is a tough, hard material (Mohs hardness 9) with high strength, excellent wear and corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivity.

Brown fused alumina is widely used as a raw material in refractories, ceramics shapes, grinding wheels, sandpaper, blasting media, metal preparation, laminates, coatings, lapping, polishing, grinding and hundreds of other applications. Tangting Ceramic’s brown fused alumina grains and powders are available in standard grit and powder sizes and they can also be made to individual specifications.

Grain Property


Al2O3 >95.00%





Brown Fused Alumina