Ceramic Alumina (CA) is produced by sol-gel method. Brief introduction as follows:

1. Characters of CA made by sol-gel method.

CA, produced by sol-gel method, is a kind of sintered abrasive grain. its crystal dimension is very small, which is only 100-500 nm, and it is only less one percent of common corundum crystal size. one grain of grit 46 containes billions of crystal grains. When grinding, the grains of traditional electrical fused alumina become flat and deactivation and easily come off from abrasive tools under the action of grinding force. Its service life is short. However, for CA made by sol-gel method, the entire grinding process is also the self-sharpening process of the grains. During its service life, the new sharp grinding edge exposes constantly when passivating fine crystal grains come off from the grinding tools under the action of grinding force, which makes the grains always in sharp status. So the abrasive tools made be CA lasts long service life, good self sharpening performance, high cutting efficiency without burning workpieces.

Due to its different microstructure, CA produced by sol-gel method shows difference on abrasive grains fracture behavior. CA shows fracture damage along crystal while ordinary alumina show transgranuiar fracturer damage. Therefore, toughness of CA is two times than ordinary alumina.

CA is produced by sol-gel method, similar chemical composition and hardness to WFA. Due to its uniform tiny microcrystalline structure, high toughness and tine broken performance, CA can be widely used for grinding of difficulty to process material such as tool steel, toughness stainless steel, hest-resistant alloy steel, etc.

2. Featurers of abrasive tools made by CA:

A: Sharp grains, strong cutting capacity and high feeiciency. It can be used for large deep cut, roughing feed, heavy duty and high efficieney grinding. According to the experiment, single process feeding can reach 0.3mm or more, metal removal rate is two times better than ordinaory corundum gringing wheels.

B:Good toughness, small abrasion and gringing wheels have good shape retention. For precision gring and form grinding, higher dimensional accurancy and size shape consistency can be easily got.

C: High durability and long service life. It can reach 5-10 times life than ordianory corundum grinding wheels. Low replacement frequency can reduce auxillary process time adn down time, which makes it productive to the use of digital control automatic machine, realizing automatic production.

D:Good self-sharpening performance. It can keep stead grinding performance, reduce correction (only about 1/3 comparing to ordinary corundum grinding wheels) and improve production efficiency.

E: In grinding performance. CA grinding wheels are far better than ordinaory corundum grinding wheels. But price of CA is much lower than CBN and diamond abrasives. Its hardness is silimar to ordinaory corundum. So it does not need special grinding equipments and correcting devices. It has no special requirements for grinding equipments and no dressing difficulties compared to CBD and diamond abrasives. It also has no special requirements for grinding fluid.

Chemical Composition (typical value)
Physical Index
Density (g/cm³)Ball Grinding ToughnessCrystal Size
 3.90 65.6% 0.15 μm