1.Product Description

Fiberglass backing pads are made of fiberglass cloth with mufti-layer stack of compression in the mold after special treatment by heating. With many nice features like light-weight and high -strength, excellent bonding performance and high flexibility, it is used as an idea base material for all kinds of flap discs.

2. Expression of Specification.
Taking T29/107*22.2 B7 for example:
Type: T27 means flat;
T28 means conical tilt to polished surface
T29 means conical tilt to the back
OD: outside diameter is 107
ID: inside diameter is 22.2
Ring: A 1 ring used in the label side
B 1 ring used in the polishing side
C 2 rings
Layers depend on the specific thickness.

(Specifications of Fiberglass Backing Pads For Flap Discs)

TypeMetal RingLayersThickness (mm)Inside Diameter (mm)Outside Diameter (mm)






   1 or 2 3-12  2.4-3.5


16.3 or 22.3